Happy Hooterween

It’s that time of the year for tits and treats

It only seemed fitting to kick off the breastivities with Mr Skin‘s latest top 10 list – Top 10 Horror Movie Nude Scenes

My personal favorite would have be The Re-animator with Barbara Crampton when she awakes on the coroner’s examination table. Spooky yet sexy.

Mr Skin Admires Seattle Women

from seattle

Mr Skin has done it again he has uncovered another top 10 list of women for us to drool over, and this time he really has pulled a list out of a list we never thought we would see… Top 10 Sex Bombs from Seattle! Yes that’s right Mr Skin is staying local and close to home for this one, he has rounded up the best of the best from Seattle.

Movie Review: The Gemini Affair

Being the connoisseur of fine films that I am, I was delighted to learn about an obscure 1970′s b movie titled, The Gemini affair. It’s pretty hard to find so it’s good that stores like Super Strange Video still carry rare cult films like this.

It’s about an ambitious lady who seeks the Hollywood lights only to find that her ambition for beaver to be even stronger. I particularly enjoyed the simplicity of this forgotten low-budget film. The film is directed by an exploitation film veteran, Matt Cimber.

For those seeking instant gratification, fast forward to 55 minutes in to see some full on lesbian lovin.


Mr Skin’s favourite part of the Emmy’s

kate winslet sexy
Like most of us Mr Skin also tuned into the world of the Emmy’s to watch who would be wearing a see through dress and who might have some nip slips but like everyone else watching he also enjoyed watching a famous actor like Guy Pearce gush and say things we would probably all say or think if we where in his position! And what a position he was in! He of course is the lucky guy who got to get up close and personal with Kate Winslet in the recent movie, Mildred Pierce, which Kate and Guy both picked up an Emmy for their roles in.

Guy announced said when making his acceptance speech

“It was delightful working on Mildred Pierce. I got to have sex with Kate Winslet many, many times. Thank you for allowing me to insert myself into your world of Mildred,”

Even back stage he was still talking like a young school boy,

“Kate Winslet, I have sex with four times in the show, and that’s what was in the forefront of my mind,” he told reporters.“Because it was Kate, we did have a good time. They’re nerve-racking to do, but she made it easy.”

I think giving the role and the scenes he was part of with this beauty, he has played it very cool!

Strip Poker is the latest theme of Mr Skin’s Top 10

The world Series of Poker is at the end of it’s season and what better way to wrap up a game that’s bankrupted more people in the past decade than any other – than with a Top 10 Strip Poker Scenes? I’m all in! Top 10 Strip Poker Scenes



Another Hooterific Top 10 List: Bra on, Boobs out

The Mr Skin writers are just out doing themselves while I undo my pants with their latest top 10, Top 10 "Bra On, Boobs Out" Scenes. If you know anything about bra scenes you’ll know that they’re rare and a jewel to behold. This is why my jaw and pants dropped to the ground when I saw their latest top 10 list. The elusive bra on, boobs out scenes are rare than gold shitting unicorns. Enjoy this my friends and let us bow our heads in thanksgiving to our celebrity nudity sheperd, Mr Skin.



Mr. Skin Interviews Christina Lindberg, 1970’s Exploitation Film Mega Star

Here’s a special treat for those of you who made it past mid-life crisis. Christina Lindberg was one of 1970’s greatest exploitation actresses. Her beautiful doe eyes and ridiculous rack graced many meters of film and in her later years she successfully transformed herself into a respected journalist and is now the editor in chief of Scandinavia’s most popular aviation magazine. Not bad!. Check out the the full review at Christina Lindberg: The Mr. Skin Skinterview


Justice is Served by Mr Skin

You may have heard that a certain flim, The Change Up, had the gall to fake nudity with computers. Mr Skin, my hero and now you’ll know why, reported about this right away to as he said

protect dudes from fake nudes

Thank you Mr Skin. I love it when justice is served, even if it has to do with something as trivial as celebrity nudity. It’s rude to sell fake nudes!


Mr Skin Contest: Vote and Get a Chance to Win an iPAD 2

Mr Skin is Making his Top 100 Nude Celebrities of All Time and needs your input! Vote for your favorite female celebrities for a chance to win an iPAD 2. It’s that easy. Check it out now Vote for Your Favorite Nude Celebrity and Win an iPad 2!



Assmen Around the World, Assemble!!

Mr Skin has brought a long overdue list, Top 10 Best Celebrity Badonkadonk Butts, promises to list some of the best celebrity butts from it’s vault of female celebrity nudes. Myself, a tremendous fan of the female rear, will greatly appreciate this list.

BUTT for those of you who are not familiar with the greatest butts on the planet, I recommend you check out Jessica Cirio and Kyra Augustina. They’ll simultaneously uplift your soul yet depress you by their goddess like un-attainability.


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