Why Mr. Skin?


Why pay for MrSkin when there are so many “free” nude celebrity sites.
Simple: the vast majority of free nude celebrity sites are spam sites that link to paid sites. Unlike MrSkin.com however, none of these paid sites are vouched for by CNN, BBC, Fox News, The New York Times, or Playboy. There is no guarantee that your credit card information is safe or that even browsing their website is safe. Moreover, there’s an excellent chance you’ll need to fight off a banner/popup onslaught should you try to leave, nay, more like escape. Don’t forget all the hours it’ll take to find the nude videos for your favorite celebrity crushes. I’ve been there and it sucks and I did it back when we only had dial-up. Yes, I am that old. Learn from my mistakes young Jedi.

Of the handful of paying sites that do provide real content, protect your credit card information, and are safe to browse, none can compete against Mr.Skin in sheer volume and quality of content. There simply is no reason to pick anyone but Mr Skin.


Out of curiosity I decided to get a price to content ratio for MrSkin and its main competitors. The price to content ratio is simply the lowest available monthly subscription price divided by the number of video clips being offered. This gives an indication of your price per unit of content – the lower the better.

Mrskin.com provides over 50,000 video clips for $10.83 so their ratio works out to $10.83/50000 = $0.00021. To help you visualize that, it’s equivalent to 600 hours (or 400 feature length films) of majestic nudity that covers over 17,000+ female foxes in over 30,000+ movies and television shows. That’s in addition to their 140,000+ nude celebrity pictures. Don’t forget that you also get a advanced search features (no other site has this), HD quality for newer clips, virus and spyware free browsing, video streaming and video downloads ability, preview pics, big daily updates, high quality editorial content like MrSkin’s Top 10 lists, and the latest news on your favorite sexy celebrities. Excuse me for the run on sentence, it’s MrSkin’s damn fault for giving so much to their subscribers.

Now that you know what MrSkin is offering, here’s a look at competing site offerings:

$19 for 20,000 clips = $0.00095, which is 4.52x more expensive than Mrskin. There is no search feature, less celebs, no HD, no skin awards, no fast previews. Worse yet, there are fakes. I saw a Jennifer Anniston sex tape, which doesn’t exist. Its browsing speed is also Baywatch-beach-jogging-scenes slow.

$20 for 10,000+ clips (let’s give them the benefit of my doubt and say it was 11,000 clips) = $0.0018, which is 8.65x more expensive than Mrskin.com. This site is hard to navigate, but to their credit the quality seems legit and they are updated often. Good luck finding what you want though. Unless you want to browse through everything before finding a great set of knockers or a heavenly helping of buns.

$40 for 6,000+ clips (let’s say 7,000) = $0.0057, which is 27.2x more expensive than Mrskin. Clearly, Mrskin wins the content coverage here by a landslide. There’s no comparison. Also, this is one of the most overpriced sites online. Stay away.

$20 for 20,000 clips (let’s say 21,000) = $0.00095, which is 7.535x more expensive than Mrskin. Also, you get access to a bunch of other nasty porn sites. Great if you’re into supporting an industry that feeds on the weak and abused. I’ll pass.

MR SKIN IS 100% Legitimate

To anyone who doubts the legitimacy of MrSkin as I did, this is the ONLY nude celebrity website that has been featured on CNN, New York Times, Maxim, Playboy, CNBC, Fox News, Penthouse, Spike TV, USA Today, BBC News, Howard Stern, Geraldo, Reuters, Stern, VH1, E! and even in the film, “Knocked Up”.

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It should be obvious that there’s one clear winner. No other nude celebrity site comes close for value, coverage, and quality. None of them offer all the perks that I mentioned earlier: advanced nudity finding feature, safe browsing, HD quality for newer clips, video streaming, video downloads, daily updates, hilarious editorial content, nudity news, and preview pics. Only MrSkin offers all this and has been vouched for by nationally syndicated radio shows, magazines, and news networks.

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