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This is my personal Mr Skin experience is the BEST nude celebrity website. Mr Skin gives you…

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Just read my real life experience with it as a paid subscriber…or if you’d rather just join then click the button right below.

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There are many sites that claim to provide you with the best in female celebrity nudity. But many of them are actually a hacker’s den just waiting to steal your personal and financial information. Mister Skin is recognized by all major media such as CNN and The New York Times. Don’t take my word for it. Just look at this to see why is legit.

Just take a look at this official Mr Skin interview with the popular North American entertainment TV channel, VH1.


The first thing I noticed at Mr Skin was the encyclopedic amount of clips and pics of starlets. All the established names like Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Alyssa Milano, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Eva Mendez, Heather Graham, Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, and Jessica Biel are all here. International babes like Sophie Marceau help round things up…with their tits.

actress salma hayek2actress scarlett johansson3actress jessica alba1actress jessical biel1actress angelina jolie1actress heather graham3actress kim kardashian3actress halle berry1actress natalie portman3actress eva mendes1actress anne hathaway2actress alyssa milano3
actress kim kardashian2actress megan fox4actress megan fox2actress jennifer love hewit2actress sophie marceau2actress lindsay lohan2

Be warned though, you will NOT find sex tapes here. Some of you may be disappointed but I am not. While lots of sleazeballs are cashing in on the misfortunes of exploited female celebrities, Mr Skin has stayed above that and stuck to providing sexy CONSENSUAL content. Nude clips are not available for all listed celebrities since not all of them have done nudity. However, you can rest assured Salma Hayek unleashing her weapons of mass seduction in films like Desperado and Ask the Dust will be awaiting you at Mr Skin.

With daily updates averaging around 50 new pictures and 12 new video clips, just keeping up with the new content at Mr Skin requires unwavering dedication.


Although the Mr Skin site boasts having high definition clips, I found that only newer clips since 2007ish are available in HD. The good news is that all newly added clips (which happens daily!) have an HD version now. In all there are five formats to satisfy: h.264 in HIGH DEFINITION (HD), HIGH, and LOW QUALITY. Lastly, there’s WMV in HIGH and LOW quality. I’m happy to report that I found zero fakes. You won’t find any floating celebrity heads over suspiciously tanned bodies on the site. Two things that did bother me about his website, were that long clips would be split into multiple parts. The clips play continuously but you have to download each part separately. Also, I’ve come across several HD and high quality clips that were captured poorly and resembled low quality- see Scarlett Johansson in Scoop. There is also a MrSkin watermark in the top right corner of all the pictures and videos. I rarely notice it as most of the action is in the center anyways, but I wanted you to know.

Video clips only last the duration of the nudity. It is a small let down as I like to get some context for the breasts. However, two things more than make up for this. Mr Skin features “sexy” clips as well as a select few x-rated clips (nothing too nasty). “Sexy” clips are important for actresses such as Jennifer Love Hewitt who has never gone nude so it’s great to have “sexy” stuff like this…

mr skin picture quality

I’ll wait here while you wipe the drool off your face.

All clips are DRM-free (DRM = digital rights management). In other words, there are no annoying license/viewing restrictions. Once you download these clips you can watch them to your heart’s content without answering to some legal department.

Picture are captured from video so don’t expect anything spectacular. They are clear but you won’t be seeing pores, which is good, right?. Speaking of pictures, there’s a handy thumbnail preview of all clips to browse clips before committing any bandwidth or time to watch. Hovering over the video clips (marked by a play icon) plays an animated GIF file so previewing is super easy and quick (requires enhanced view turned on). It’s a small but convenient touch for subscribers. So many celebrities so little time.

One thing I didn’t expect is to find is heads-up comments for clips involving a body double. That celebrity nudity guru does not miss a beat. For example, *spoiler alert* I know now that Jessica Alba’s excellent sleeping dictionary nude performance is actually a body double *spoiler alert*. It still hurts every time I think about it. I can’t stay mad at you, Mr Skin!

Another state of the art breakthrough in nudity viewing is the “Skinvision” that’s found in clips featuring very brief nudity or particularly noteworthy money shots. Mrskin’s silly cartoon face jumps right into the video and slows things down so you can see the nudity in its full glory. See Jennifer Love Hewitt in the Tuxedo to see this Black Ops technology at work. I know I said earlier that Ms. Hewitt had no nude scenes, but this just shows you that Mr Skin sees what we mortals cannot.

mr skin feature skinvision

mr skin skinvision sample



Navigation is surprisingly good. A basic search find clips by celebrity name, movie, or show name. Additionally, two advanced searches allow you to build searches with CIA precision using criteria such as nudity rating (this is a great one to help you find the good stuff quickly), MPAA rating, genre, year, keywords, hair color, breast size, nationality, body type, age, and even if bush was shown! I am not joking. Mr Skin takes nudity very seriously.

mr skin feature advanced star search

mr skin feature advanced title search

These advanced searches just rock when you don’t know the actresses name. A real life saver – if your life depends on tna. Moreover, you can easily browse the most popular as well as the newest clips. A favorite feature bookmarks your most cherished clips for later spanking viewing.

Too tired to search? Use the Mr Skin “Are You Feeling Lucky” button to see random celebrities or click on a Mr Skin Featured Playlist and sit back and relax.

mr skin feature playlistsmr skin feature are you feeling lucky

Watching videos was a cinch. At Mr Skin, I was able to watch the videos online via streaming and also download the clips to my computer.
Browsing and download speeds are excellent throughout the I have high speed internet that is capable of 1.5 megabytes per second (or 15 megabits per second). The site performs marvelously. My download speeds average between 500 and 750 kilobytes per second (or about half to 3/4 of a megabyte per second). See the proof below,

mr skin download speed 1
mr skin download speed 2

I’ve visited the MrSkin at least 30 times now as I wrote this review and I haven’t met any hiccups yet. The site is up 24/7. I know Mr Skin sells ad space on his site, but the I haven’t seen any ads, which is odd, but good for us.


Registering with Mr Skin was a breeze and discreet. No one reading my visa bill could tell that I’m a member of the world wide web’s largest nude celebrity goldmine, which I am!

mr skin billing


Mr Skin’s website is virus and spyware free, which is a feature that cannot be overstated. The last thing you want is to catch a virus at a slimy website that hijacks your computer and steals your online banking password, and spams Viagra pills and loan offers to your personal email address.


I had a technical problem with the Mr Skin playlist feature and a patient and helpful support staff walked me through the problem. Turns out it was a glitch in their system, but the problem was solved within two days, which is more than what I can say for most support staff.


That covers the core of the Mr Skin experience, but there are quite a few perks which I’ll mention now.

  • Mr Skin Anatomy Awards. It is basically the Oscar(s) of celebrity nudity

mr skin feature anatomy awards

  • Mr Skin Top Lists rank nudes by over 200+ categories. For example,

mr skin feature top 10 breast cleavagemr skin feature top 100 nude scenes almr skin feature top 50 sexiest show al

  • Stay abreast (I couldn’t help myself) of upcoming nudity with objective and hard hitting journalism on their exclusive Mr Skin blog
  • Members-only discounts to other sites
  • Biographies of celebrities
  • Video of the week
  • Reviews and synopsis of movies and tv shows
  • Members only message forum


At just $0.35 a day, Mr Skin is the best value in nude celebrity videos and pictures online, bar none. You get over 550 hours of top quality nude footage covering over 19,000+ actresses, high quality clips ready to stream or download, daily updates, international babes, exclusive editorial content, virus and spyware free web site, zero DRM restrictions, advanced search features, and zero fakes. Sign up now before Mr Skin comes to his senses and raises his prices.



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